Accelerated Service delivers on-call and emergency exterior lighting service 24 x 7  anywhere in the US and Canada.

On-call Exterior Lighting Services Include:
  ~  Parking lot lighting
  ~  Building lighting            
  ~  Pole lighting
  ~  Canopy lighting
  ~  Security lighting
  ~  Signage

Preventive Lighting Maintenance Includes:

  ~  Routine Cleaning & Inspections

  ~  Group Re-lamping Programs

  ~  Ballast Replacement

  ~  Night-Watch Inspections

  ~  New Pole & Fixture Installations

  ~  Rapid Retrofits

  ~  LED Conversions

Energy Saving Solutions

Interior LightingMaintenance

Interior, Exterior & Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Accelerated Service customizes each lighting maintenance program to meet our client's unique maintenance and budget requirements. We offer a total interior and exterior lighting maintenance solution designed to optimize your lighting system's performance while minimizing your maintenance costs. Accelerated's national network of certified lighting technicians are licensed, bonded and insured and are strategically located to provide on-call or preventive maintenance service to any of our client’s locations across the US and Canada. 


Emergency Lighting and Exit signs are critical elements for safe escape in an emergency.  All emergency lighting systems are regulated by federal, state, and local safety codes.  Accelerated Service offers regular testing, maintenance and inspections to ensure compliance.

Emergency Lighting  Service & Maintenance

~  Sealed Gel, Lead Antimony, Nickel Cadmium batteries
~  Full line of Replacement Parts & Emergency Lighting Equipment
~  DC & AC Central Systems
~  L.E.D. Exit Sign Retro-fits
~  Preventive Maintenance Programs
~  Factory Authorized and Trained Technicians

Comprehensive Lighting Services

Emergency Lighting Service

Exterior Lighting Maintenance

~  On-Call & Emergency Service

~  Preventive Maintenance

~  Cleaning & Routine Inspections

~  Light Level Inspections

~  Spot & Group Re-lamping

~  Ballast Replacement

~  Energy Audits

~  Energy Audits

~  Energy Impact Evaluations

~  Lighting System Analysis

~  Lighting Studies

~  Light Level Inspections

~  Lighting Design

~  Quality Lighting Recommendations

~  Investment Analysis

~  Installation

~  Energy Saving Retrofits

~  LED Conversions

~  Occupancy Sensors, Timers & Controls

~  Green Initiatives