Service Delivery Team
Our dedicated Account Mangers serve as the single point of contact for each customer. Our account managers work in conjunction with a team of service coordinators and project managers who are responsible for meeting every service and project milestone with extreme accuracy and timeliness.  Our Account Managers monitor key performance indicators to help identify and address any potential issues or concerns before they escalate. Accelerated Service provides our customers with online real-time reporting for immediate status updates.  The Accelerated Service Account Managers conduct regular customer conference calls to review key program milestones and to discuss any outstanding issues or concerns that may arise.  Program modifications and adjustments can be quickly and easily implemented to accommodate your changing maintenance requirements.  Our proven process combined with seasoned professionals and innovative technology produces consistent measurable results that translate into considerable savings for our clients.
Geographic Coverage
Accelerated Service provides sign, lighting and electrical facility services to Fortune 500 companies across the entire US and Canada. Accelerated Service maintains a national network of certified agents, suppliers and subcontractors who are strategically located to deliver on-call and emergency service to each of our client’s locations. Accelerated Service has the capacity and capability to deploy the required technical resource, anywhere, anytime with the required equipment and parts to complete the service request on the first call.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Accelerated Service is to continue to build on our foundation as a world class facilities maintenance provider. We will continue to deliver quality service while providing exceptional value for our clients through enhanced process improvements, operational efficiencies and technology innovation. Our continued success requires us to trust in our employees, respect their contributions and remain committed to their career development. This mentoring environment allows us to attract the best and brightest people and provide opportunities through which they can achieve personal and professional growth. We are committed to our team and will always strive to be one of the best places to work in the industry. We will continue to invest our time and resources to preserve our role as a partner, neighbor and friend and will continue to support the communities and charities where our customers, partners and employees reside. We will continue to foster strong relationships with the diverse people and organizations with whom we work and serve. Through open communication with our clients, employees, partners and stakeholders, we will adapt to changing times while holding true to the fundamentals that support our growth. We shall pursue our mission with a passion for quality and a focus on priorities that will truly make a difference in the future of our clients and our company.